Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How 'Bout Those Sprouts?

You've got sprouts! Are the kids just thrilled? Watching things grow absolutely fascinates kids!

I promised you a recipe with sprouts so let's do it. This helps the kids understand how their food grows and it will tickle them to eat something that they nurtured from just a seed. Rinse the sprouts from the jar really well under running water... yep, let the kids do it!

Let them try a few "fresh sprouts" on a sandwich... easy though as the texture and taste is a bit funky for some...

A really easy way to try sprouts that the kids may really like is a simple stir-fry. Purchase one of those bags of frozen stir-fry veggies (the kids will like the ones with the baby corn in them) and just add sprouts!

If the kids are small, let them get up on their little stools by the stove... if you have two children, then put one on each side of you. I'm sure you've already taught them about the stove being hot. However, let them get the big skillet out and measure the olive oil into the skillet. Let each of them measure out a cup full of frozen veggies to dump into the skillet.

With supervision, don't let the oil get very hot (it doesn't matter this time!)... and let them dump their veggies into the skillet. Then let them grab some fresh sprouts and throw them in on top of the veggies. Now it's their turn to watch Mom do the stir-frying.

If the kids have a favorite stir-fry sauce, by all means add it to the mix! This is a great way to get kids eating their veggies... they are usually fascinated with the baby corn and will be very proud that they grew the sprouts they are cooking!

I'll be back with more suggestions for planting so stay tuned!
Happy Cooking with Kids,
Jan McCracken, Culinary Coach for Kids

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