Sunday, July 3, 2011

Simply Patriotic Fresh Fruit Splash!

When the kids are preparing food for special occasions and holidays, it's important that they get a little background information on the holiday. You don't have to be a "history teacher" but the basics are great and fun. Not only is it a natural addition to their knowledge bank, it also adds a special credence to the celebration of the holiday.

This colorful dessert is especially easy and is fun to make on the spot even if you have a bunch of kids participating. It "shows off" best in clear glasses so you can see the patriotic layers... that is simply solved by purchasing small plastic tumblers or if you want to make it really special, the dollar store have plastic stemware... Kids love special glasses! Make it really special with tiny flag picks to top it off!

Here's what you'll need for the easy fruit splash that the kids can do all by themselves:

Patriotic Red, White and
Blue Fruit Splash

Fresh blueberries
Fresh strawberries
Star fruit
Cool Whip (thawed)
Special clear plastic glasses

American flag picks (optional)
Red, white & blue sprinkles (optional)

Grab the colander and let the kids wash all of the fruit. If you have a "child proof" knife, let them grab the cutting board and practice their cutting skills on the strawberries and the star fruit.
a "food palette!"

Begin with blueberries in the bottom and then a layer of Cool Whip topped with the strawberries. Just keep layering the red, white and blue ingredients until the plastic glass is full.

Plop a slice of star fruit on the top and chill. When serving, maybe let the kids plop a dollop of Cool Whip on top with some red, white and blue sprinkles and a flag pick!
How proud they will be of the red, white and blue!racken, Culinary Coach for Kids
nary Coach for Kids