Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let it Snow!

Cookies of Snowflakes...
For some quick and easy "snowy fun" to add to the festivity of the season (which is approaching waaaay to quickly)... get together in the kitchen to create some snowflake cookies!

You have your choice of purchasing pre-made cookie dough or letting the kids prepare your favorite sugar cookie mix. While you're shopping for the ingredients and/or the cookie dough, also include on your list several different cookie cutter shapes of snowflakes... yes, this is all about snowflakes... you'll also need canned vanilla "bright white" frosting and the soft-kind of coconut.

The secret ingredient to make these snowflakes sooooo special and to sparkle is clear, edible glitter. If your grocery store doesn't stock it then you may have to drop by a bakery supply store or your local large craft store that has a bakery section... they will have it for sure!

Set the tone and put on some fun Christmas music that the kids love and get ready for "creativity in the kitchen!"

My suggestion to you with creating these snowflakes is to loosen the reins and let those little reindeer just fly with creativity... as they're creating with Christmas music in the background, think about talking to them "about snowflakes".... how each and every snowflake is "different"... yes, they are... no two snowflakes are alike.... that's why I suggested that you get a few different shapes of snowflake cookie cutters.

Each creation your little one makes by spreading the white icing on the baked snowflake, topping them with coconut and then sprinkling the magic clear glitter will not only delight them but will teach them something about Mother nature and her snowflakes that are so beautiful!

It might even be a special sharing if the kids would like to wrap up one of their "snowflake creations" and share them with their little friends as a special gift.

If you want to get even more creative than just white snowflakes... then add some blue, red or green food coloring to the icing and let them make colored snowflakes... whatever you decide, enjoy the moment... another magical moment of being close in the kitchen together!

Merry Christmas and Happy Snowflakes!
Jan McCracken, Culinary Coach