Sunday, October 28, 2012

Don't Eat ALL of That Halloween Candy!

Create some "ART" with your Halloween Candy!

Keep candy out of your kid's tummies and stay away from all of the sugar that you know is not good for them!

Use the "stacks of sweets" to create fall and Thanksgiving art!

Grab a cardboard box and jump online and go to:

This is a FREE site where you can download coloring pages. There are a bunch of different turkey ones. So let's get started... the kids are gonna love this!

Here's what you'll need for this project:
  • A pattern of a Thanksgiving turkey (or anything else that strikes your fancy!)
  • Can of white frosting (cheapest you can find!)
  • Leftover Halloween candy
  • A butter knife or spreader (one for each child)
Trace the pattern of choice onto the cardboard and cut out. Keep the pattern nearby so the child can have a "visual" of what the little artist is about to create (the cardboard won't have all of the markings on it... it will be... well, just a piece of cardboard)!

Remove all wrappings from the candy and put all of the candy on a cookie sheet with sides so it is spread out but not all over the table!

Spread frosting on the cardboard cutout... are we having fun yet? Let that frosting be lumpy... lumpy is creative and fun. Now... just add candy!

If you really want to "plan" with your kids... you could create an entire Thanksgiving or fall scene with pilgrims, turkeys, pilgrim hats, Plymouth Rock... the list is endless... the kids will help you with the creativity!

Have fun and let them "lick the glue"... the icing!

Creatively Crafty,
Jan McCracken, Culinary Coach

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