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A Little About Valentine's Day...

When the kids are in the kitchen it's a great time to teach them multi-tasking... cleaning up while goodies are baking... and reading while a special dish is baking... and sharing a little history about the time of year and the holiday that you're celebrating with food.

And, so... Valentine's Day is coming up pretty quickly and I wanted to give you a little thumbnail sketch about Valentine's Day. Come back soon as I'll have some fun recipes for you and the kids...

A Little About Valentine's Day...

Long ago Valentine’s Day was called “Bird’s Wedding Day”. It was then believed that birds selected their mates and began breeding the second week of the second month or February 14th!

The celebration of Valentine’s Day began many years ago with the custom of the Feast of Lupercalia in ancient Rome. This Feast was a celebration of fertility and was celebrated on February 15th. One of the ancient customs of this festival was a love urn. On this special day in February, young maidens wrote love messages and placed them in the love urn. The young, unmarried men then drew the messages from the urn and courted the young girl whose message he received.

As the story of Saint Valentine goes, there was a man in ancient Rome named Valentine who was a physician practicing medicine out of his home. Valentine was a kind hearted man taking great interest and care in his patients prescribing medicines of herbs and roots.

At that time in history, religion was a very controversial issue with many being persecuted for their beliefs. However, Valentine was a very spiritual man with religion being a significant part of his life. In his medical practice, Valentine would often offer prayer for the health of his patients and loved ones.

As the story goes, there was a jailer for the Emperor of Rome who had a blind daughter. The jailer heard of Valentine’s healings and brought his blind daughter to him for treatment. Valentine examined the small girl and prescribed some ointment for her eyes. The jailer faithfully continued to bring his little girl to Valentine for treatment with no improvement.

One day Roman soldiers arrested Valentine, destroying all of his medicines. Admonishing him for his religious beliefs, Valentine was taken to jail. When the jailer learned of Valentine’s arrest he was distressed but could do nothing! Valentine knew he would be executed and requested a paper, pen and ink. Valentine wrote a note and handed it to the jailer requesting that the jailer deliver the handwritten note to his blind daughter. Valentine was martyred on February 14, 270 A.D.

The jailer’s spirit ached as he arrived home. He handed the little blind girl the note from Valentine with the handwritten message, “From your Valentine”. Upon opening the note, the little girl found a yellow crocus tucked inside—at that moment a miracle occurred and the little girl saw beautiful color for the first time in her life—her eyesight was restored!

February 14th was named Saint Valentine’s Day in 496 by Pope Gelasius I. In the sixteenth century the paper Valentine appeared with sentimental verses. By the late 1800’s delicate lace papers accompanied sentimental verses for Valentine’s Day. Today all types of Valentine cards are exchanged showing love and affection of February 14th.

May the true miracle of Saint Valentine’s Day bless you! 

As Spring brings the little crocus popping their heads through the snow, may it be a reminder of the little girl in ancient Rome and bring a new meaning to your spirit and your heart of Valentine’s Day—Will you be my Valentine?

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Happy cooking with Kids,
Jan McCracken, Culinary Coach

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