Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A serious moment about "recession obesity"...

All righty... we love to have a ton of fun in the kitchen... that's what being a "kid foodie" is all about... that's what being an adult foodie is all about too!

I feel a responsibility to all of my little foodies "everywhere" as well as to moms, grand-moms, aunts and whoever is cooking with kids today to share this serious note of the times...

I'm not sure if y'all know exactly how KidsCooking411 came about... it's been a combination of events... the list is kinda long but just to mention a few... I've authored several books on diet and nutrition...
Healthy Carb Cookbook for Dummies (Wiley) being my all time pride of ownership and The Everything Lactose Free Cookbook (Adams Media) in the Everything Book Series being a huge help to those lactose intolerant folks... plus a couple of self-published low-carb cookbooks... then about 40 other self-published books...

I owned a country bed and breakfast in Branson, MO, for several years and did all of the cooking and penned my very first cookbook there! And then there are my grandchildren... what fun it is when we get togehter and they ask if I'll cook their favorite recipe with them (which always happens to be one of my old recipes)... Talk about FUN!

Well, ya' say... "that's nice"... LOL... why, yes, it is!

Being involved and on the trail of health, nutrition and preventive medicine through healthy lifestyles for many years, I've become a passionate advocate in the prevention of childhood obesity.

It's my heart's desire to help adults get children into the kitchen and cook! I truly believe in my heart that with the natural curiosity that kids have about food coupled with teaching them about fresh ingredients and given the opportunity to 'stir things up' on their own can change their lives.

Research has already proven that kids that cook at an early age develop much healthier attitudes about food that result in living healthier lifestyles for life!
So what's the serious moment of this post? Joining in the fight against childhood obesity and recession obesity...

It's about TODAY... the fact that times are tough and money is tight for almost everyone. You can still make healthy, yet not expensive, choices for meals! Please don't try to save a few dollars in the fresh ingredient department and put your child's health at risk... we already have enough forces out there doing that!

Cheap, fast food is sooooooo tempting these days. Not only is it easy and provides immediate gratification... it's cheap!

I encourage you to hang out with me at KidsCooking411... I'm trying to get a free e-book together to help you get started cooking with your kids... we're all stressed... and, I know, you're thinking, "Getting the kids in the kitchen is going to stress me out even more!" No, it won't if you take it in "small bites"... you can do this and you will be so personally rewarded and glad that you did!Just think, you can help "prevent" your child from the perils of obesity... start now, while they're little... get them in the kitchen cooking!

A serious "call to action" to all American Moms... we need to get our families back around the table and into the kitchen... the kitchen (or the dining room) table was once the gathering spot of the family... that safe haven from everything... it can be again!

Getting Kids Cooking,
Jan McCracken, Culinary Coach for Kids


Laura said...

HERE HERE!!!! nice post

Nate-n-Annie said...

The more we can keep our kids away from junk foods and eating real foods, the better off we all are.

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