Friday, March 17, 2017

Shake it up GREEN!

Hey, all my little leprechauns... Being "green" is not as hard as it sounds and celebrating St. Patrick's Day is always fun! So let's celebrate the "wearing of the green" with Slurpee Shamrock Shakes!

This very easy one needs adult supervision for operating the blender... but let the kids dump the ingredients in and scoop the ice cream!
Don your aprons for the green "splatter factor"... or, you could be really wearing green!

Oh, and I suggest that you allow each child to make their own shake... it will only take a few more minutes.

Ingredients for one shake:

1 banana (not a green one, no pun intended)

2 cups milk

1/2 cup green mint ice cream.

Have the kids peel the bananas and break them up in pieces... dump them in the blender. Let the kids measure out the milk... good practice for them... and a little hint here... use a large, 4-cup clear measuring cup... it will help prevent spills and also teaching the kids to shoot for exact measurements. And, they can see what they're doing!

Now, let them scoop out the ice cream and smash it into a 1/2 cup measuring cup... yes, let them cheat just a tad with a bit extra... and plop the ice cream in the blender.
The adult helper is always in charge of the blender and can allow the kids to push buttons (your call on this one... but safety is always first)!

The shake only needs to be blended and it will take about a minute (depending on your blender)... you want it smooth and creamy. If the kids like thicker shakes then let them put in more than 1/2 cup of ice cream.
If you have any green sprinkles around... pour the shake into a glass and top with green sprinkles... it's magical... watch out for the leprechauns!

Happy Saint Paddy's Day and Happy Cooking!

Jan McCracken, Kids Culinary Chef