Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cooking at Home with Kids!

In these days of trying to make a lot out of a little... we're all there... is a time for reining in and most certainly cooking at home is much cheaper than eating out! We're all adjusting our lifestyles.

The Chinese symbol for "crisis" is the same symbol that is used for "opportunity." So... is your cup half empty or half full?

And what does this have to do with cooking with kids?

We are seeing more people getting back to basics... not necessarily a choice but a necessity... ahhhh... and so presents a real opportunity with kids in the kitchen. We're finding our way back to the kitchen and the kitchen table!

Let's face it, little ones love to do what big people do and kids WANT to cook! The combination of fun and creativity in the kitchen is a win/win for all! Kids will be learning so much without even knowing it and without the lectures.

The first step to success in cooking with kids is to "put them in charge." Hey... come back here! I know that a lot of parents are too busy and very intimidated about letting their kids in the kitchen...

When my grandchildren come to Nannie's, we have a blast in the kitchen! A few spills? Sure... don't you ever spill anything in the kitchen?

Let's get back to putting kids in charge in the kitchen now that you're back... It's all in the presentation... I learned in sales a long time ago that "presentation is everything"... and that applies to many, many things in life... even to the dishes that we prepare in our kitchens!

Okay... I'm not intentionally skirting this issue... LOL... things just keep popping up! Bottom line, just hand the spatula over to the kids! You become the "adult sous chef aka adult helper!" Hand them the reins! And don't be a "hover craft!"

You are going to be so surprised what a positive outcome this has on your experience... before long not only the kids will be looking forward to preparing special treats and then meals but you'll be right in there too!

Come back soon... I'm currently writing an e-book that will to help you get started cooking with kids!

Happy Cooking!
Jan McCracken, Culinary Coach & "Adult Helper Chef"

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